Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Fraud – An intentional deception that violates a law or the public trust for personal benefit or the benefit of others.
Waste – Behavior involving the extravagant, careless, or needless use of government funds, property, and/or personnel.
Abuse – Behavior involving the use of government funds or property that a prudent person would not consider reasonable and necessary business practice given the facts and circumstances.

Since October 1983, the Comptroller of the Treasury has provided a toll-free hotline for reporting fraud, waste and abuse of government funds and property. Periodicals throughout Tennessee publish information to alert citizens to the hotline and to encourage them to report wasteful, inefficient or fraudulent activities. In addition, all state agencies, as well as those agencies receiving community grant funds, are required to call attention to the hotline by displaying in a prominent place signs with the following language:

If you observe an agency director or employee engaging in any activity which you consider to be illegal, improper or wasteful, please call the State Comptroller's Toll-Free Hotline:


Calls and online submissions to the hotline should concern allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse. Substantive notifications, may concern a wide range of entities, including municipalities, counties and state agencies and departments. In the event of nonsubstantive notifications, such as requests for assistance or information, the reporting party may be referred to the appropriate agency or department for assistance.

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