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Before purchasing a vehicle from any individual, especially through an online auction website, please be sure you can obtain the following paperwork from the seller:

A Certificate of Title with that individual’s name on the front. If there is also a Lien Holder’s name on the front, it must be signed as released from the Lien Holder.

It is also helpful to have a Notarized Bill of Sale, but is not required when purchasing from an individual.

There may be other required documentation to register the vehicle, depending on your specific situation. If you have any questions before buying a vehicle, contact our office at  731-658-3541.


The dealership usually handles the title and registration of a new vehicle for the customer. The dealership may make application for title and registration in the county where the purchase took place or send the title application to the Hardeman County Clerk’s office to process. If we receive the title application we will either notify you by phone, mail or simply process the application if the appropriate fees are provided. If the title work is given to you to process, you will need to bring all paperwork (Title or MSO, Bill of Sale, any other relevant documents) to our office for processing. Application for title and registration may be made at our office at 100 North Main St. Bolivar, TN 38008. You cannot apply for a title only; the vehicle must be registered at the time when you make application for title. You must be the owner of the vehicle or furnish a notarized Power of Attorney form from the owner.   You will be required to furnish a copy of your driver license or acceptable proof of identification.

The fees for titling and registering are as follows:

New passenger license plate (metro decal) and title – $120.00 (Noting Lien additional $11)

Transfer plates and title – $18.50 (Noting Lien additional $11)

New motorcycle license plate and title – $113.00 (Noting Lien additional $11)

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